Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scrambled Eggs with Bread

A few nights ago, D1 came up to me before going to bed, and told me what he wanted for breakfast the next morning. He not only told me what he wanted to eat, but proceeded to give me directions on how to cook it. I smiled as I listened to my 9 year old boy teaching his mother how to cook.

So, what is this special dish... SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH BREAD.

Break up 1 piece of bread into bite size pieces.
Crack eggs into the wok.
Before it cooks, add in the pieces of bread.
Scramble it together.
Add in a little soy sauce.

How many of you have cooked eggs this way before?

P.S. The next morning, he asked me to stand aside as he took over the wok and cooked the dish himself :)


  1. By the way, nice ah? Instead of putting soy sauce, i think put butter better right?

  2. He asked me to try but it was too early in the morning and I didn't feel like eating yet. Maybe butter will be nice. BUT it is HIS recipe. hehehe. Plus, he is eating so let him cook to his liking.

  3. This recipe is unique, I usually make french toast, hmm, will consider making it this weekend :D


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