Monday, May 28, 2012

Steamed Chinese Cabbage Rolls

I followed this recipe for Steamed Stuff Chinese Cabbage Rolls from 3hungrytummies. All my kids give it the thumbs up. My younger son has requested that I cook it again. I am glad they love it because I wasn't sure if they would eat the chinese cabbage. However, they gobbled up everything happily.

Okay, so there are 3 parts to preparing this dish. First you have to prepare the mince meat. It is a combination of minced pork and prawns. Then you have to prepare the chinese cabbage. You have to boil it first to get it soft. Spoon the mince meat onto the cabbage leaf and roll it up. Steam it for about 10-15 minutes. The last part is to prepare the sauce to pour over the cabbage.

Not terribly difficult to do. For the full recipe, visit the link to 3hungrytummies above. I don't want to take away her thunder. Heheheh. She's got pictures to show you how to do it too. Enjoy!

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