Monday, June 04, 2012

Keeping Busy With Art

How do you keep your kids busy during the school holidays?

One thing I've learned as a parent is that if you don't have anything for your kids to do, they will either spend endless hours on the computer, veg out in front of the television, end up quarreling with one another or do something that drives you up the wall.

I'm pretty lucky that my older 2 kids do not object to doing art work. Unfortunately they have a mother who is pretty hopeless when it comes to art. That's why I'm thankful for this site: Art Projects For Kids.

So, these are some of the art projects that my kids chose to do.

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  1. For time being I do not need to worry about the kid activities because they are holidaying in hometown with grandparents. Let them keep the grandparents busy with their antic. hehehe! But good idea to keep them busy and same time, explore their talents.


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