Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do You Spend Or Save on Kids Clothes?

How much money do you spend on kids clothing?

When it comes to baby and toddler clothes, I've been lucky that I never had to spend much. Many friends and relatives were kind enough to give me clothes their children had outgrown. Of course I felt a little bad if my children only wore hand-me-downs, so once in a while I would buy them some new clothes. I would usually shop for clothes to celebrate the Chinese New Year. That is one Chinese tradition I try to hold on to.

I'm glad my kids don't demand for branded clothing. They also don't mind wearing the hand-me-downs. Just a few weeks ago I looked at my littleK's dresses and realized they were getting kinda small. I thought I would have to go shopping but then I remembered, I had kept some of her big sister's clothes in a luggage bag. Digging through the bag I pulled out a whole bunch of dresses, pants and shirts she could now fit into. Can you imagine, I kept those clothes for 9 years! There were some with yellow stains but that came off after using bleach. Now they look as good as new.

I've pretty much decided that littleK is going to be the last child. So, the clothes she outgrows, I won't be keeping them anymore. Thank goodness there is a church friend who willingly accepts the used kids clothing I hand over to him. His baby is a year plus behind littleK.

I get a little emotional when I give away those tiny little clothes. Do you feel that way too? I don't know why; maybe it is reality hitting me that my kids are growing up fast.

So, do you mind when people give you their kids used clothes? Do you dress your kids in branded clothes? What do you do with clothes your children can't wear anymore? I would love to hear your comments.


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