Monday, September 24, 2012

Crochet Project: Bottle Covers

My mom has been making these for my kids: Bottle covers.

My daughter came home and told me that her friends liked it very much. They asked where they could buy it. When she told them her grandmother made it, they asked if one could be made for them and they would pay for it :)

The pattern is very simple. Not complicated at all. Sorry, don't ask me for instructions. If you know how to do some crocheting, this will be a very simple project. Just do a base to fit the bottom of the bottle, and then a simple chain of five for the sides. Change the color of the yarn to make it look nicer. Do a string to tie the top and add pom-poms.


  1. These were well done. I especially like the red one. The crochet pattern itself seems fairly simple but the design looks great.

    1. Ya, the red is very striking. Simple design but when you mix the colors, it looks good. :)

  2. Nice, I did that when I was young. Now, lazy to do this anymore.


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