Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby, Baby, My Sweet Baby!

My baby is finally out. Everyone say welcome to Danic Lim.

He finally decided to check out of the Mommy Hotel on wednesday night at 11:11pm. It was a pretty quick labor. I felt some pain at about 8:30pm. Left the house at around 9:15pm (had to make sure it was the real thing first you know) and by the time I arrived at the hospital near 10pm, the contractions were 3 minutes apart.
Trying to focus on the breathing to survive the contraction pains, I had to deal with a medical student asking me thousand and one questions so she could get her survey done.
She is lucky I don't swear and can still be polite under such circumstances.
Anyway, it was a different labor experience for me as DH is not there with me this time. One of my pet peeves was when the doctor tells me I'm already 9cm dilated BUT don't push yet ok???? Then, they all walk out of the room. Wow, like I can press a button and put a pause on the pushing. The best thing is, they tell you not to push, BUT they don't come back to tell you when you SHOULD start pushing.
Anyway, I was a good girl and did my best. At least for another few more minutes. But when I had to push, I pushed. Thank goodness another medical student happened to be in the room and started screaming "Is that the baby's head????"
Hello people, I am in labor you know! Anyway, that brought all of them rushing back into the room. I am ready but they are not. So once again, they go "hold on ok, don't push yet". So poor me had to put a temporary red traffic light on baby. How I did that, I don't know!
Finally they said, ok push. Thank you, thank you, it's the moment I've been waiting for. Well, I pushed and pushed and pushed and didn't stop because I wanted the pain to be OVER!
It was good to finally have the baby out. I swore never to forget that pain but I know I will.
Anyway, the nightmare wasn't over yet. I tore slightly and they had to stitch me up. The guy took about 45 minutes for what he said was "a slight tear." Worse part is after the local anesthesia, I still could feel the stitching. The reason? "Oh, it's because I'm going through the skin." How come I never had this experience with my other two then????
The next morning when the doctors were doing their rounds, the doc took a look at me and went "Oh-oh". Now that's not a good sign indeed. In the end, I had to undergo further stitching. It was pretty obvious the work done the night before wasn't satisfactory. Hey, if you are going to put me through some pain, the least you could do is do a good job right? Geez, another "X" on my rating list.
Well, overall I am glad that everything was quick, smooth and normal. Doc even allowed me to check out by afternoon. Didn't sleep the whole night so I was glad to be back in familiar territory.
Here are the big "jie-jie" and "ko-ko" trying to help baby get ready for bath. These two are so excited with the baby. They literally jumped up and down when they saw us. It's so cute to see them sit near baby, stroking his head, holding his hand, kissing his head, smelling his hair, stroking his cheek, counting his eyes, putting their nose to his nose, hugging him, asking to carry him, wanting to take him out so they can show the neighbours etc....

So here they are, the 3 of them. My bundle of joy.


  1. Congratulations! So happy for you.

  2. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    makes me so broody :) (very easy to forget the labour pain, stitching and silly doctors)



  4. a&a'smom14 January, 2007 21:44

    Oh what lovely pics & congrats!!

  5. hi Danic!
    congratulations to you!

  6. Congratulations dear :)
    Danic has two very good helpers, I'm sure ;)

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwww, such a cute baby! Congrats. Finally. lol

  8. Danic is super cute! He looks so alert! Congratulations, new mom, dad and ko ko and jie jie.

  9. Sister Ai Lian, congratulations on the new baby. :)

  10. Thanks everybody. It's kinda fun to have a newborn in the house again.

  11. Congrats!!! Welcome're soooo cute

    ps. wonder sometime takes long to post a comment


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