Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Work From Home

The one thing that I've been hearing more and more from mothers with young children is their desire to work from home. This is not only fueled by their love for the children but also the increasing awareness of the state of the world and it's environment. More than ever, children need their mothers to be in the home and many of us are beginning to realize how crucial that is to our children's welfare. Maids, daycare centres, grandparents and relatives will never be as influential as the care and guidance provided by a mother.
However, to be in the home, working mothers have to battle their fears whether they can adapt to the different lifestyle. Usually, the BIGGEST concern is MONEY. The ideal combination is to be at home AND still earn money.

So, the question most frequently asked is "what kind of work can I do from the home?"

I was one of many people who asked this question and was introduced to the world of internet marketing. Pretty much it's about creating websites that earn you money through clicks, affiliate programs, your own products etc....

The way I see it, there are 2 ways you can do this: The easy way and the professional way.
The easy way would be to just write any content, like personal blogging, add some money making thing-ies like adsense and a few affiliates, then wait to see if what happens. Sounds just like this blog of mine. Hahaha. Well, guess what? Yes, I earned some money... like 5 cents a click. This kind of pocket money won't even earn me a bowl of noodle.
So obviously, if you want to fill your piggy bank, it's better to do it the professional way. This is where your head will be swimming with terms like adsense, niche, keyword analysis, traffic building, list building, search engine optimization, article marketing, PLR articles, linking, RSS, etc....

There are tons of information out there on this topic and if you are a newbie like me, you might drown in the information. Plus, guru after guru will introduce tools, tools and more tools. Of course if you are just testing the waters of internet marketing, you might not be so keen on buying tools yet. But, if you really want to make money, you do have to spend some eventually.

Well, here is something I found that might interest you. It's called NO-BS Blueprint.

What is it?
It's exactly what the title says - a no-BS look at how to make money online, focusing on blogging, content creation, getting traffic and using our own tool-set to do it.

What will you be reading about?
1- How to find keywords.
2- Where to find traffic.
3- How to approach the search engines.
4- What search engine strategies work.
5- What search engine strategies don't.
6- Our own toolset and how to use it.
7- Where to get your domains and hosting.
8- IP addresses.
9- How big and how fast to build blog farms.
10- Where to get content.
11- What search engines look for in content.
12- How to give it to them.
13- Content rewriters and how to use them.
14- How to target site pages for search engines.
15- How often to update and ping blogs.
16- New features of the BlogSolution and how they help you.
17- How to link you sites and blogs together.
18- 7 real-life marketing scenarios.
19- Tool recommendations.

It's free and it is a pretty good read. So get it now, just click the following: NO-BS Blueprint.

This won't be my only post on "working from home." If I come across something interesting, I will let you guys in on it. Meantime, it would be great to hear feedback from you mothers out there as to what are some of the things you are doing to get that X-tra pocket money. Hope you gals don't mind to share-share the info ya. Doesn't mean you can spam me ok. Hahahah.


  1. Thank you for this information. I have just signed up to receive the ebook. I write web content for others, but I've only just decided to do something for myself. I am a real baby and everything is new. All help is appreciated.

  2. thanks for the info..I for one would really LOVE to work from home....any help would be useful!

  3. The content writer:
    Hi there. Hope the ebook was of help. It's a plus that you already have practice writing web content. Good luck and let's grow together. Me a baby too.

    Thought you were working on an online store. How's that coming along?

  4. Hi
    I like reading your blog.

    I'm a novice blogger (if you can call me that because i'm still having full-time job) and don't post very often.

    How do I start blogging to earn some money? I've submitted my blog to PPP and Smorty after reading your blog and got rejected. Reasons: not google page rank & not enough indexed pages. WHat shld I do next?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi JH,
    I was hoping to email you privately but can't find an email.
    Anyway, since you pointed out that you are a novice, I'm guessing that your blog is fairly new and don't have enough content. The paid 2 blog programs usually require your blog be more than 3 months old and have xx number of posts before they approve. You also need to get readers to come to your blog and exchange links. This will help your page rank. Best way is to visit other people's blogs and leave comments. For people to keep returning to your site, write interesting unique content and update frequently. Good luck.


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