Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Candy Bouquet Business: Make an Unforgettable Valentines Gift

Valentines Day is fast approaching. Some of you are scrambling to find the perfect Valentines gift. Is it going to be flowers? Is it going to be chocolates? Sigh! Sounds so boring eh.

If you haven't heard, there is a new exciting concept called Candy Bouquet. What you do is combine both flowers and candy. Or if you want to do away with the flowers, make it a candy and only candy bouquet. It's still called a bouquet because you turn the candies into flower looking things.

A perfect example is using 2 hershey kisses, putting both the flat ends together and wrapping them up in red cellophane paper to make a hershey's rose bud.
Lollipops can also be transformed into flowers. Use colored or patterned paper and cut out 4 love shapes. These become the petals and your lollipop becomes the middle of the flower. Click here for picture and instructions to make a lollipop flower.

These candy bouquets also make very fun craft activities to do with children. Whether or not you will be able to keep the candy out of their mouths is another story :)

Candy Bouquets make very special gifts. They won't wilt and die like flowers. Plus. it's a gift that will please the taste buds. Valentines gifts don't have to be just between two love birds. Children can make a candy bouquet for teachers, grandparents and even DAD. Talking about that, I've forgotten to put lollipops on my shopping list. Aiyah!

For all SAHM looking for a profitable business, why not start a Candy Bouquet Business. Don't have to crack your head and think of how to start or how to do. Lana Glass, Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts" shares her secrets in a 177 page step-by-step eGuide

It reveals everything you need to know to create amazing gifts for your friends and family for any occasion. Click on for more information on how to start a Candy Bouquet Business.

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