Saturday, February 23, 2008

Caterpillars Again

KokoD wanted to do it again. The last time I only took picture of the butterfly. This time, I thought I'd take it at the caterpillar stage. Can you find it???
Actually, there are 3 of them in the jar. When I took this picture, don't know where the other 2 hiding. Now they are all hanging on the sides of the glass jar. They didn't finish the lime leaves I had put in so I'm guessing they will be turning into chrysalis soon.

Ya, it's called a chrysalis. I grew up learning they turned into a cocoon. But it's actually called a chrysalis.

I also did a little experiment this time round. I put in a Mulberry leave to see if they would eat it. As far as I can see, they only want to eat the lime leaves. Which reminds me, I found out the butterfly is called the Lime Butterfly. How appropriate.

p.s. I still absolutely hate caterpillars. If my children take the caterpillar out to play, I think I will 'pengsan' (faint).


  1. This is such a great Science activity for the kids! I hope I can find some caterpillar in my garden when Spring comes! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Lian!

  2. As long as it stays in the jar and not near me, i am fine also. I will pengsan if its near me also. hahahha

  3. Crazymommy:
    Good luck in your caterpillar hunt.

    You and me same-same.


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