Friday, February 15, 2008

Password Software Manager

If you've ever felt like the woman in the picture, trying to remember what password you used, then I've got the perfect solution for you. Password Saver is a password software manager that allows you to keep track of all your usernames and passwords. Goodness knows I need it. That's why I bought it.

I do so many things with the computer or online and most of them require usernames and passwords. For example: online banking, groups and forums, affiliate programs, email, online tax, children's online programs, accounting software, my online children's bookshop (connecting to cpanel and ftp), membership sites, online biz, paypal....

The easy way is to stick to one password but that is soooooooo NOT safe. There are crazy hackers out there. One of them managed to hack the password to one of my DH's website. The first thing he did after that was change the password to our online banking.

To tell you the truth, I hate coming up with passwords. Actually, not really hate but more of fear. Fear that I will FORGET what it is. You know how sometimes you keep something valuable in a safe place. You think to yourself "Oh, no one will find it here." And then later, even you forget where it is???? Yeah, it's happened to me. So, that's what I fear about my passwords too. Try to create one that is not easy to hack. And then worry that I will forget what it is.

Anyway, that's why I bought this password software. USD7 is okay-lah. Reasonable price to pay in exchange for some piece of mind. I know some of you are saying, why so stupid to pay when you can do it for free by just recording everything down in an excel sheet or something. But this also comes with a password generator. PLUS, can resell it and make more money!

AHA! Yes. You also looking for some pocket money right? That's why I recommend you also get this Password Saver. It's practical, quite essential in our day and age, AND can help put a little money in your pocket.

So, don't wait anymore. Save your brain cells, protect your information and get Password Saver today.

p.s. Haiya, don't have to be sooo stingy with that little hill you've accumulated in paypal. Invest a little so you can get more back mah!

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