Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Milestones: 14 Months

Baby D is just like a sponge soaking up everything. You can see him observing the people around him and before you know it, he is imitating what they do. Just the other night, he observed how his siblings would give us a kiss to say good-night. After they had run upstairs to bed, BabyD jumped off my lap and went over to give his daddy a kiss too. After which he immediately went over to the mattress nearby and laid his little head down. Seeing how delighted we were with what he did, he continued to give his father kiss after kiss after kiss. Even his grandfather had a share of kisses. Just goes to show how cheeky he is.
Here he is being cheeky again, walking in slippers too big for his feet (and poor mommy so worried that he might trip and fall).

Many times as I am busy in the kitchen, he will come in and I will ask either grandpa or daddy to take him out. When he hears them coming, he will run and hide between my legs, grabbing on as tight as he can as he dodge their extended arms.

He is also an expert at climbing – that little monkey. Even using tools such as the kiddy stool to aid in his quest. Just the other day he took a chair, put it right next to the door, took the house key and tried to unlock the door. He also likes to climb to the kitchen sink. If he can wash my dishes, I wouldn't mind :)

He learns things really fast and understands many instructions. He will put things back when asked to. He will also get the things we ask him to get for us. He puts his dirty clothes into the laundry basket and likes to put his clean cloth diapers into the drawer.

He will dance to the songs of the tv cantonese dramas. It's really funny. He will swing his hands left and right until he lose his balance. Mind you, he only dances to these songs and not other songs. Go figure!

You can see he is one who simplifies things. Instead of calling us by our different names (e.g. mama, papa, koko, jie-jie), he just calls everyone kaka. If you ask him “who is this?” he will say “kaka”. If you ask, “who are you?” he will also say “kaka”. Simple yes?

Although only 14 months, BabyD acts like he is older. He is also one tough little baby who doesn't cry at cuts and bumps. He is also a strong little hercules.

You are a handful BabyD, but also a joy. You stress us out sometimes, but you also make us smile when we need one.


  1. Baby D kisses sure melt everyone heart. :)

  2. come, come and kiss aunty HS..
    Happy 14 months old!

    Hui Sia

  3. Vickylow:
    Yes, baby kisses always make people melt.

    Hui Sia:
    Hey, he don't simply kiss everyone you know. You might need to bribe him with some chocolate first. Hahaha.

  4. a&a'smom21 March, 2008 15:20

    He is indeed adorable & a smart little toddler!

  5. I think 2nd, 3rd, etc. child learns faster coz he can learn from his siblings eh? How time flies, Baby D is growing up so fast.

  6. can see that baby D is a smart lil fler!

  7. wow...he is not more a baby...such a big boy already....

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