Saturday, March 08, 2008

Need Links and Traffic to Your Site?

Many of you out there have monetized your blog right? But how much money are you really making? To boost the value of your site and rake in more money, what you need are links and traffic.

Well, Qassia is a new and exciting way to do this. It is still in beta, so it's F-R-E-E for now. Better hop on it before it's too late. Actually, Qassia is currently in closed beta. Meaning, to join, you need someone who is already a member to refer you. And that's what I'm doing now.

What to do at Qassia?

  • Add your website for free. No need to add reciprocal backlinks.
  • Write titbits of information called "intel".

The Benefits of Contributing "Intel".

  • You get one backlink for every piece of intel you add. Every intel will carry a direct backlink to one of your sites. So the more intel you add, the more backlinks you get.
  • When you add intel, you also get credit, in the form of Qassia dollars. The more credits you have, the better your sites will rank.
  • When your intel is displayed, you get 100% of the advertising revenue generated by that page.
What kind of "intel" can you write?

  • Intel can be about a person, a company, a place, a thing, or just about anything that you know about. The people and places do not have to be famous, and the intelligence does not have to be earth-shattering.
  • Examples:
    You can write about the company that you work for - why you love/hate it.
    The best place to eat Curry Mee in Seremban.
    Your grandfather and what he did to survive World War II.
    Your favourite Wan Tan Mee recipe.
    What you did to get your kid ready for Chinese School.
    Which is the best kindy in your area.

Well, they say this might be the next big thing. Looking to get traffic to your web site or affiliate link? Get involved NOW at Qassia.At the VERY LEAST, get registered before they start charging. If you wanna try, sign up here.


  1. Hi Lian,
    Interesting. Tx for sharing. However fail to go to that site. Any idea why?

  2. Don't know. Just tried and it was okay. Here is the web address:


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