Monday, May 05, 2008

Baby Milestone: 15-16 months

Looks like I missed baby's 15 month milestone. So, guess I'll do a 2-in-1 posting. Many people say babyD is very mature for his age. He understands so many things and the way he handles himself, sometimes can give you heart attack coz' you think he is going to fall or bump his head but he doesn't. And even when he does fall, he won't cry (unless very, very, very painful). Yes, his pain tolerance is quite high. He has cut himself a few times before and I didn't know about it coz' he made no noise. Okay, so here is a list of things he is up to:
  • He soooooo wants to be involved in our activities and always looking for ways to help. The other day when we called for the older two siblings to help take the plates of rice out to the dining table, who should come running into the kitchen instead? Yes, babyD with his hands stretched out, asking us to give him the plates. We gave him forks and spoons instead. Now he comes for the fork and spoons every time we get ready to eat.
    He would also sit and watch me sweep and mop the floor. In the end I will give him mop a bit and that is what he is waiting for.
    He will want to put the folded clothes into the laundry basket so I can carry it upstairs. Unfortunately all the clothes will come undone. Helpful but also not helping you know?
  • He observes everyone and everything and then he will imitate. Here he is sitting quietly watching his dad fix a computer. Soon after he took the screwdriver and tried to poke around the computer too.
    He would also sit and watch me cook. Today while I was cooking in the kitchen, he was in the dining area with a spoon and a tiny metal sauce plate pretending to cook too.
    He will sometimes watch tv and pretend to laugh (even though nothing funny is on). I guess that's what he observes us doing - watch tv and laugh.
    He has seen me use the company chop on my customer receipts. He knows where it is kept. My drawers now need a lock!
  • The two words he says very clearly are "park" (to go to the park) and "neh-neh" (human milk dispensers). He will also say "booh" for book. The other night I was sitting across him from the dining table and he stood up and leaned against the table and said "mama." I was elated thinking he was calling me. I went over to him to pick him up but he didn't even look at me. He kept saying "mama, mama." You know what he wanted? BANANA. Sigh! banana/mama, come on boy, don't do this to me?? :)
  • Likes to sit on daddy's lap during "makan" (eating) time.
  • I have to watch for his "poo-poo" face so I can whisk him off to the bathroom. Doesn't seem to have a problem sitting on the bowl.
  • It's easier to understand what he wants now coz' he will point and then nod for yes or shake his head for no.
  • Still has to suck 'nen-nen' to sleep.


  1. How come bb like playing trick with mummy? My girl imitate the bird nest advertisment that calling 'Ma'. I pronouce 'Ma' again but tricky girl keep saying 'Ba' sigh.....

  2. I just cannot help laughing with your ltitle helper there trying to help out on the clothes & ended up making you busier, I can relate to that.

    They tend to learn & imitate as they watch our daily chores.

    Got you something. Come over & see.

  3. that's a cute pic of him standing in the field track :-)

  4. he must have learn quite a lot of things fro his jiejie n korkor.....

    he is growing well n smart...

  5. alamak mama for banana? dun worry la.. he'll get there someday

  6. Happy 16 months to ur cutie... heh.. so fast hor, he look really big boy now .. so cute on his chubby face :)

  7. cool..ur son is picking up fast! my 21 mth old dotter is moving into more gimmicks now!

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