Friday, May 16, 2008

How To Cut Onions and Don't Cry

I hate cutting onions coz' I always end up crying with eyes stinging. I remember when I was younger, I heard that if we stick some match sticks in our mouth (like smoking cigarette) while cutting, the onions won't make you cry. I tried that. Errr... sorry, didn't work.
I've also tried holding my breath as much as I can while cutting. I thought that breathing in the onion vapors is what makes you cry right. Wrong! It's the stuff that gets in your eyes and irritate it.
So, I just read somewhere that cutting onions near a fire source will stop the stinging eyes. Something to do with the fire burning up the vapors from the onions coz' it's highly flamable (don't quote me coz' I don't know if it's true). Anyway, this is what I did yesterday. Put a little candle on the table as I cut away.


A little bit of stinging eyes but no tears. Maybe I need a bigger candle :)

p.s. They say cutting under water or under running water will wash away the vapors when you cut. But I don't think that is practical. Well, not for me anyway.

p.s.s. This will make a great science lesson for children. Teach them "why onions make you cry?"


  1. a&a'smom16 May, 2008 16:20

    Hey thxs so much for this tip. Shall try it as my poor maid who wld be crying buckets while cutting onions (most of my cooking uses loads of onions). I heard a tip from the radio that chewing gum wld help. Gave my maid chewing gum but it didnt work. Ok going to convey it to kakak now.

  2. hi, thx for the tips. surprise trick for daily works, love it.

    btw, thx for dropping by. (is an honour). it is very encouraging into my adjustment toward my girl.

    happy weekend to you and your family.

  3. I cut onions on purpose so I can hide the crying from my annoying teenagers!

  4. hmm maybe can put the onion in fridge 1st b4 you cut it.

  5. a&a'smom:
    Do tell me if it worked.

    Hope you come back here often. We can encourage each other.

    insane mama:
    Hahah. I believe I will come to that one day too.

    gulf coast mommy:
    Glad you liked it. Hope it works for you.

    Does that help? I read that the vapors only release when you cut the onion. The molecules mix with the air to form some kind of chemical to irritate your eye. Do you put them in the fridge first?

  6. i also hate cutting onions..really works? must try...

  7. another trick is to put each onion in microwave for 20-30 seconds before cutting

  8. hi , u ve mentioned that peeling onion in water is not the practical one. but its scientifically true as the water inhibits the action of the enzyme which make us to cry. soak onion b4 u cook . u can feel free from irritation. this method has been carried out in southern india on any funtions where there is a need to cook loads of onions...


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