Monday, May 12, 2008

What Happened to My Cloth Diaper

I know many mothers are now turning to using cloth diapers. But I've not read of anyone having problems with the leg gathers/gutters/gusset/becoming loose. Not sure how to explain...erm... meaning the stretchy thingy that is suppose to keep all the poo in is now stretched and has lost it's spring-iness. So much so that if baby has loose stools, it kinda runs down his leg. Ewww!

Maybe I should give some background as to how I wash these diapers. If there is poo, I hand wash it off first and then later, dump it into the washing machine with the rest of my daily laundry. I only bought 7, so I have to wash everyday or I will run out. Now, I suspect the gutters (that's what I'm calling it) have become loose because of the spin-dry action of the washing machine. You know when you take the clothes out to dry, they are all kinda tangled up together? Well, I believe this repeated stretching because of the entanglement is why my cloth diapers are what they are today.

Recently I started using a laundry bag to wash them. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done.

Mamas Parenting Tip:
  • For all mothers out there with still new cloth diapers, consider using a laundry bag to wash your cloth diapers. This is so they won't get tangled with your other laundry and stretch out the gutters.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I bought few dozen cloth diaper but hardly use it. Now potty train my girl, short pants are more easier.

  2. Vickylow:
    How's the potty training coming along? So no more diapers during the day?

  3. actually using netting is good..even though I use front load which do not required netting, I still use and the cloth diapers so far after more than 1 year still in good condition...


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