Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nice Cloth Diaper in Malaysia

I recently wrote a tip about how to wash cloth diapers in the washing machine without ruining it. Thought I'd follow up with an introduction to a Malaysian online store that sells cloth diapers. I see more and more mothers choosing to use cloth diapers over disposable ones. If you are wondering where to buy them, you can visit...

Nice Cloth Diaper

The brands they carry are Bumwear, Baby Beehinds, and KS Velcro Pocket Diaper.
I hear some women also trying out Cotton Menstrual Pads. This shop carries that product also. Other stuff they have are like baby slings/pouches, flashcards (English, Chinese & BM), environmental friendly mosquito and cockroach repellent and environmental friendly laundry ball (this one I've never heard but sounds interesting).

Well, just thought you'd like to know of another Malaysian parenting shop. Pay them a visit today.


  1. Hi,
    Would like to know if you have done any purchase from this website b4? Is it safe? Are they reliable? I am interested in the Mosquito Repellent :)

  2. I have yet to purchase from Sin Dee. She is the owner of this site. But she does have many returning customers. I asked her about the mosquito repellent and this is her answer based on her own experience and customer feedback:
    "Those who use it find it effective in room size area (100ft2). We do have experiences where the mosquitoes were still there but they just don't bite.
    At least we are not releasing aerosol into the air and at the same time make our children inhale those harmful chemical fumes.
    The ingredients are so natural that even pregnant lady can use it."
    Hope this helps.


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