Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Story

BabyD is a very sociable fella. Here he is trying to make friends with our neighbour. The little girl is just a few months older. The pictures were taken by my daughter and I thought it was soooo cute as the two toddlers attempt to communicate without words.

I've done two versions of what the story may be. Why not add your version of the story?
Kids are so cute. We adults can only guess what goes through their minds.

Version 1: I haven't seen you in a while. I miss you.
Version 2: Oh look, your hands are as tiny as mine.

Version 1: Here's a kiss from me...
Version 2: Look, I have all my teeth already.

Version 1: you.
Version 2: Open up, let's see your teeth.

Version 1: I have to go now. We can't keep meeting like this.
Version 2: Oh-oh, I feel something yucky. I think I have to go now.

Version 1: Don't forget me. I'll be right here waiting everyday for you . Sob! Sob!
Version 2: I gotta go change my diaper.


  1. wow... so sweet, so small already got girlfren ?? hahhahah

  2. haha..this is so cool..and cute!..good imagination!

  3. my son loves to chat with his little neighbours too..

  4. These photos are great. Your daughter took them on her own accord? So clever. Hehe.

  5. I love all the double version captions for the photos. Cute, nice!

  6. hi there, you have great blog here. Both the versions are cute and it matches the pics very well!

  7. a&a'smom21 October, 2008 18:30

    Hehehe, BB D sure is starting young to woo the fairer sex!

  8. Hahaha ... Version 1 looks more like it :D What an imaginative mommy!

  9. Hahahahaha!!! I'd love to do this but right now no time. Maybe later....SO DARN CUTE!!!

  10. that is so cute. can send in for contest :p

  11. The mommy more cute - with her 2 versions of the story!

  12. anggie's journal:
    Oh no, is this an indication of what's to come in the future? hahah. My baby the playboy.

    It was a memorable moment.

    little prince's mummy:
    Have you listened to their conversations? I bet it's cute.

    Ya. I was cooking in the kitchen and gave her the camera to snap what was going on.

    Thanks. Those 2 were really cute.

    fussy mum:
    Thanks and welcome to the blog.

    Smooth talker who speaks no words yet. Hahaha.

    But I really wonder what was going through their minds.

    big pumpkin:
    I'll eagerly await your version.

    mummy to qiqi:
    If got contest, I'll definitely send it in.

    family first:
    Hahaha. Mommy not cute, just gila a bit.


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