Saturday, October 04, 2008

Watch Out For Curious Children

My girl won't be happy about this post. So, hopefully she won't find out that I've written this. It's funny to me but embarrassing to her. Anyway, you parents need to know this so you can be ready for such things too no?

So, what is it?
  1. One night, my girl comes out of our bedroom covering her mouth. So, we ask her "What's wrong? Is it you have a mouth ulcer?" She just shake her head and refused to move her hand away. After much persuasion (and a little scolding), she exposed her face to us. What did we see? 2 small nicks - one near her nose, the other down towards her chin. Yes, my dear child tried to shave herself. DH was on the verge of scolding her but I told him to stop. I could see she was already embarrassed. I didn't think she needed us to make her feel worse. DH asked "what are you trying to shave?" She answered, "my moustache." Sigh! How come I didn't notice her moustache? Hahahaha.

  2. Another night we were sitting on the couch watching tv. She was holding a tiny, tiny ball of blu-tack and using her fingers to play with it. Next thing I know, she turns to me and says "mom, how do I get this out from my hair?" Alamak! Lucky thing the blu-tack she had was just a little bit. I remembered reading that if you get chewing gum in your hair, use ice to harden it and it will come off. I figured it should work the same for blu-tack. Unfortunately, it didn't work. In the end, her grandma snipped off her hair.
I know I'm not the first parent to have her child do such things. So, this is a heads up for parents who haven't yet experienced such "silliness". Actually, the right word should be "curiousness." Don't know what else they'll think off. Oh yeah, watch out for the "stuff this up my nose/ear/whatever" act too. And remember, they usually feel bad and dumb after they do it. So go easy on them.

p.s. Here's my "curious" experience - I burnt my hand trying to figure out how hot the car cigarette lighter was. What's your "curious" experience eh?


  1. Lian, I've tagged u here:

    pls see what u nid to do.,K.

  2. This is a very interesting post :)I did something really silly when I was young ... I tried to taste 'Dettol' after reading a commit suicide news on the paper .. It burns my tongue at the moment! Luckily I did not swallow it :P

  3. Hahaha.....poor K.....mind you, Tee has a LOT of hair, her arms are like Chewbacca and she is very conscious of it cuz ppl always suddenly notice it and go "WAH!!! SHE has a LOT of hair!!!" or "OH MY GOD, SHE is SO HAIRY!!!" Poor thing.... I will blog about it soon, becuz so funny...poor Tee...hehehe...

    I will also blog bout why curiousity killed the cat - great idea. Hahaha....

  4. Adoi .. thanks for the heads-up on all their funny acts! I think I really need your site to guide me lah .. my little monster is on his way to all these...!!

  5. haha I think curious children are more smarter and wiser leh

  6. Interesting post. My own curious and silly experience was when I put my tongue on an ice block and it got stuck there! Curiosity really got the cat in trouble and I was 7 or 8 yo then.

  7. renet13:
    Thanks for the tag. Will do it soon.

    Thanks for sharing. Guess it's a good idea to educate them on this before it's too late. Thank goodness you are okay.

    big pumpkin:
    Guess she's a big candidate for shaving then. Oh no! Better keep those razors out of sight.

    family first:
    Don't know what these kids are up to sometimes.

    That's right but hope they don't get into too much trouble first.

    health freak mommy:
    So, what did you do? Did you tell your parents? Yeah, I guess all of us have done dumb things and been all the wiser because of it :)


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