Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sick Kids

Friday evening after school, my daughter started to feel sick. The next day, she ran a high fever. When she got better, the other two boys started their feverish spell. Jie-jie has progressed to coughing incessantly. Yesterday, kokoD who is usually very active and can't stay still for one minute, lay almost lifeless on the couch the whole day. He hardly ate anything too. BabyD was also sick but still running around a bit.

When they are bouncing off the walls, we wish for peace and quiet. Now that the house is silent, I can't wait to see them lively again. Motherhood is a crazy, crazy thing.


  1. ha ha .. i knw wht u mean .. u cant live with them .. n cant live without at the same time...

  2. totally agree with you.
    wish them get well very soon.

    about lapbook, you can try this, 1 of the link i know from other mums:- http://www.homeschoolshare.com/to_the_zoo.php

    hy n i enjoy doing the lapbook... so far:). is really a 1 to 1 time for us. i hope you & the kids enjoy too:)

  3. wish them well and get well soon.

    enjoyed your posts, very informative. :P

  4. get well soon kiddos..mommy misses the noise pollution n your activeness!

  5. cant agree more...you take good care yah?

  6. sathiya:
    Ya lah, the same thing our DH say about us huh. Hahahah

    Thanks for the link. It takes effort to do it so I can see you are a very dedicated mom.

    constance, renet13, contendedmom:
    Thanks for the well wishes. My second son is hardest hit. My girl is pretty much recovered with just a cough. My baby has runny nose but still running around. KokoD is the one looking very weak and unusually inactive. He has also lost all appetite. Poor guy. Already skinny. After this, even more skinny.

  7. Absolutely. We're all crazy. The kids. They drive us complete NUTS. Yet, we would do ANYTHING when they're down to bring them back to life again. Worrying about our childrens health is so darn worrying!!!


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