Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vegetable Garden Planting

Yesterday was harvest day. Yum, yum! Just look at those freshy, green leafy vegetables. When they say organic vegetables tastes better, they are right.

These are the "Huang Ti Miao" I blogged about before at "Recycling Vegetables." By the way, it was pointed out by Adeline Tan (when she left a comment) that this vege is called Ceylon Spinach. Some of you mentioned that you were going to give it a try. How has it been? Or have you procrastinated your vegetable garden planting? These vegetables are one of the easiest kinds to grow and if you're looking to start a vegetable garden, I would recommend starting with these.

Here are just a few pictures of them growing in the garden. (Oh yeah, in case you don't have a garden, you can grow them in pots too).

This is just one patch of our vegetable garden. There's more at the back of the house.

Nice and fresh. Thanks to my DH's efforts. Hahahahah.
Just snip off the leaves and let it keep growing.

Mamas Parenting Tip
  • Involve your children in your gardening work. Let them pull out weeds, dig a little, water the plants, or kill the snails. It's great quality time together as a family and they learn science first hand.
  • Grow your own vegetables and you don't have to pay more for organic foods.
  • Growing your own vegetables isn't only about saving money. Most of us in the city don't have enough land to grow a vegetable garden to sustain our family. But that doesn't mean we should shove the idea altogether. It's a wholesome activity and the skills you gain is priceless. With the state of the world today -- natural disasters, political unrests, war, and so many more uncertainties -- you never know. Maybe one day you really need to grow your own food. Would you have enough gardening knowledge then to survive?
  • If you can help it, don't cement up the compound around your house. Cultivating a garden is more beneficial than that extra parking space. Really!
Lian recommends:
If you want to start but don't know how, just read what Julie Villani has to share. She studied horticulture at TAFE, completing certificate III in Horticulture. She went from growing straggly plants to raising enough veges to feed her family. In this book she'll teach you how to prepare good soil, create an easy, 'no-dig' veggie plot, 5 easy ways to keep your garden weed free, secrets to composting, naturally protect your plants from pests, how to grow your food in limited spaces and many more.


  1. Wah, that's a very big plot of veggie there. How fast can the veggie grow, i.e. how soon can you harvest them after planting them?

  2. health freak mommy:
    I wasn't really keeping track of time but I would say about 1 month. And this is actually the 3rd time I've harvested it. I did some harvesting 2 weeks ago too.

  3. wow very green and nice. Even if my kids dont quite like vege..great to plant as decoration to brighten up dull backyard garden. Mayb I shall add it to my herb garden collection.

  4. Thanks for the harvesting time. I am growing mine in a teeny weeny little pot and the leaves are just starting to show but its so exciting. Hahaha.

  5. Wah, that's a very big plot of veggie there


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