Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recycling Vegetables

"Huang Ti Miao" - That's the name of this vegetable. It was by chance that I decided to try cooking this vege many months back. And it turned out to be quite delicious. Even my daughter likes it. Anyway, I'm here to tell you that you can "recycle" this vege (since frugal living is the hot topic these days).
With this vege, you snip off the shoot and the leaves. You don't really eat the stems. BUT, don't throw away the stems. Just stick them into a pot and watch them grow some more.
And soon you will be able to treat yourselves to your own homegrown organic vegetables. In fact, if you just put the stems into a vase of water, they will sprout leaves too.

Mamas Green Living Tip for the Day:
The next time you cook this vege and are about to throw away the stems, think again.


  1. hey, this sounds interesting! what's the english/malay name of this veg? "huang ti" as in "emperor"?

  2. Sorry, I don't know the english/malay name for this vege. At the hypermarkets it is labeled as "huang ti miao". I think Cantanese it is called 'wong tai miew". Something like that.

  3. Wow! Thats a fantastic tip! I must try it. We love this veg. Not sure, but I think it got its name because its supposed to be a veg fit for a king.

  4. Thanks for sharing, definitely a good tip. Maybe we could apply this to other vegetables we eat too. :)

  5. Hey it looks like spinach to me.Do you know what spinach is?
    Hey lian can we exchange links?

  6. mumsgather:
    Yes, do try coz' when you grow it yourself, the leaves are so much bigger and fresher.

    Not sure if it will work for all vegetables. You can try and let us know.

    No, this is not spinach. Like one of my friends commented, once cooked the leaves a little "slimy".

  7. ^o^, this is great~! i'm surprise to know this leh (really ulu of me). i heard b4 that 'di wong miu' (huang ti miew in mandarin) is very very easy to grow, but dont know about the actual fact & method.
    so, thanks for sharing~! :))

  8. Great info... great idea, I was about to buy a bunch of them this morning! I will surely try... wait for the harvest day! haha....

  9. wow never thought of that, thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Lian, was at Jaanvi's place noticed your callsign.
    I agree with you that vegetable is delicious, I love it too.
    We get it here and on and off my wife will get a small package....
    by the way, you have beautiful kids...

    Noticed you in K. Selangor...the last time I was there was way back in the 60's, went fishing for prawns at the river there, udang galah.
    They were big those days...and we used to bring home about 30 to 50 one weekend...
    Bet the town has changed, huh?
    Anyway, you have a great weekend, best regards, Lee.

  11. pc:
    It was my husband who tried it out. Yes, it's that easy.

    bits of life 'n' taste:
    Looking forward to your day of harvest too.

    No problem. Hope you try it out.

    Thanks for the compliments. BTW, I'm not exactly in K.Selangor town. I'm still about 30 minutes away. Guess you could see I'm in between Shah Alam and K. Selangor, but my place here falls in the K. Selangor district. I love prawns! Wish I could go back in time and enjoy your catch.

  12. Good tip. I should ask my maid to plant the stems the next time I buy this vege.

  13. So amazing. You are so smart. I would like to had some home grown vege too :)

  14. In english, this is called King's vege. I love them stir-fried in sambal udang.

  15. hi, it's my first time visiting your blog and your tip on growing this veg is really astounding! i didn't know it's that easy. my daughter and i love this vegetable so i'm definitely going to try it one day.

    by the way, i think the proper name for this is ceylon spinach. i've seen it grown at a nursery and it was labelled as such.

  16. adeline tan:
    Thanks for finally giving us the proper name for this vege. Good luck with the gardening.

  17. Hey there, I want to try planting these. Agak2 how long before I can harvest it?

  18. good sharing... I will try to plant it!

  19. came over from MG's post. Can't wait to try this soon!


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