Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How I Got My Toddler To Nap

I gave him... a bucket of water and different kind of cups.

He got himself all wet. Instead of wasting the water, I taught him to water the plants instead.

So off he went, to and fro from bucket to plants. Learning to scoop water and walking carefully so he won't spill any.

Some plants got more than they needed.

Dig down deep to scoop the last bit of water.

No more? never mind. Baby knows how to turn on the tap. Let's fill er' up again.

Not long after this exercise, baby is off to la-la land. Mission accomplished. Unfortunately, the nap took place at 5:30pm. So you can imagine what kind of night we had.

Mamas Bag Of Tricks:
  • You don't always have to roll out the children's swimming pool. A bucket of water is simple but still provides lots of fun. Bottles and cups help in developing baby's fine motor skill.
  • It's okay to take the diaper off when they are playing with water.


  1. a&a'smom01 July, 2008 12:43

    Hehehe, look at that cute engrossed little face! I like the 4th pic where he goes inside the pail, LOL! Next time make him water the plants earlier so that he will nap at the appropriate time

  2. haha next time do it more earlier...

  3. wow! how cute is that... that's really nice and this exercise would have made the toddler quiet tired.

  4. Oh he is so chubby and adorable! He's tired from all the fun he was having eh?

  5. a&a'smom & vickylow:
    Earlier the sun is very hot.

    jaanvi & mumsgather :
    The kids have so much energy to expand. So I have to find whatever way to get them tired.

  6. He is still quite chubby eh? Can still see the lines on his hands... and his bulging belly too, haha...

  7. Health Freak Mommy:
    Yes, still nice and chubby. Very, very cuddly. But kinda heavy.


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