Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Milestones: 18 Months

I'm going to use this video to mark baby's 18 months milestone. We've been trying to get him to talk. So far, the words he uses most are "jie-jie", "ko-ko" (calling his siblings), "neh-neh" (for his milk), "car" and "park." Lately I've been trying to get him to say "open." He is so hilarious. He'll make his mouth to make the "o" sound but nothing comes out. All he gets is "bah!" This video is so funny to me because it shows baby's cheekiness. He is just so full of expressions. And you can see he is trying so hard and putting so much effort just to make that sound. It's a reminder how difficult simple things are to babies.


  1. a&a'smom11 July, 2008 15:20

    LOL, that's hillariuos!! BB Danic also thot he was funny & laughing too! I like the way he kissed u on ur mouth.Priceless!

  2. haha he is so cute. Ya same like my gal she pronouce Open as Opun.

  3. hahahah i can see and hear alot of happiness and laughter there

  4. a&a'smom:
    The kiss was a nice surprise. Just goes to show how cheeky he can be.

    He doesn't even say Opun, it's just coming out as "Bah". Hahaha

    Ya, that would be my other crazy son laughing his head off.

  5. Hi Lian,

    I chanced upon your blog from healthfreakmom and I thought we share the same passion - our kids!...I have 2 kids, one aged 4 and the other 14 months....Ethan is also learning to grasp certain words is fun to see them learn isnt it?...will keep poppin into your blog...check out my newly created blog....



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