Friday, July 18, 2008

Escalator Warning

Escalators at Canary Wharf, London.Image via WikipediaI was out last Saturday with the church's primary kids to Petrosains. We took the train to get there. Going down an escalator, one of the kid's shoelaces got caught at the end of the escalator. Luckily I was standing behind him and kicked it free. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt except his shoelaces were kinda chewed up. So just wanted to leave these tips for you:
  • Always remind your children to check their shoelaces. They might not know when it comes undone. And sometimes kids are lazy to tie up their undone shoelace. Escalators are dangerous!
  • Not just shoe laces, even loose-fitting or long-dangling clothing can get caught in the escalator.
  • Another thing to be wary of are backpacks with dangling straps.
  • Practice safety rules such as holding your children's hands while riding the escalator. No playing or sitting on the steps.
  • Don't go near the edge. No dragging feet along the side. There are traps there too. Stay in the center.
I'm not going to list down examples of escalator accidents. Do a search and you will find plenty. So, next time you are out shopping, just be careful ok?
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  1. Ya need to be careful, thanks for sharing.

  2. this happen to my niece at the gardens escalator, luckily he was not hurt, really have to keep an eyes on them


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