Monday, July 21, 2008

Burned By The Toaster

ToasterImage by Nightstar2001 via Flickr2 weeks ago, kokoD learned a lesson the hard way. Well, I admit I am partly to blame. He was toasting bread and wanted to check on it. He put his hand on the toaster and got 3 little fingers slightly burned. No, he didn't touch the top of the toaster (thank goodness) but rather the side of the toaster. But it was still hot enough to burn him.

I was upstairs in the room when he came running in looking for plasters (band-aids). I asked him what he needed them for and he showed me his fingers. I was shocked to see the blisters. He didn't scream. He didn't cry. That's why I was shocked to see those burned fingers.

I immediately put them under running water. Then applied some Burnol before wrapping them up with plasters. I also made it clear to him NOT to pop the blisters. Well, I'm glad to say that he is all healed now.

  • When you are teaching your children not to touch hot things like the oven, stove, iron, pots/pans/kuali on the stove. kettle ... don't forget about the toaster.
  • When I was very little, I was curious about the cigarette lighter in the car (you know the ones where you push in and they pop out burning hot). During my little "experiment", I burned my hand. So, don't forget to tell them about that too.
  • Don't forget to learn how to treat for minor burns.
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  1. My son is always curious to touch the iron and I am so scared.He is too little to understand what I am telling him and why so it makes things more difficult.


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