Monday, July 07, 2008

Baby Wearing With Sleepy Wrap

I am a big fan of babywearing and so I was elated when I received a Sleepy Wrap to try. I thought it was so cute that it came in a little pouch bag (for storage). Anyway, what exactly is a Sleepy Wrap? It is a long (5.5 yards) piece of stretchy fabric that you use to wrap around yourself and the baby. There are no rings, straps, buckles or buttons. It allows you to carry your baby comfortably and hands free. Here are some things I like about Sleepy Wrap:
  • Grows with your baby. You can use it when baby is tiny and continue using it even after baby has grown big.
  • It is stretchy like spandex and that allows it to conform to you and your baby's body. It really wraps very nicely. Baby is snug as a bug.
  • One size fits all. Whether it be me or my husband using it, it still works the same. Doesn't matter if you are big, petite, tall or short, the Sleepy Wrap conforms to your body shape and works just as wonderfully.
  • The material has a wonderful soft feel. Makes it very comfortable. And not too thick too. So, don't worry about baby getting too hot.
  • When I wear it, I don't feel the burden on my neck and shoulders like other baby carriers. The way the Sleepy Wrap is tied effectively supports my baby's weight (and my baby is heavy at 11.2kg) without putting undue pressure on me. I'm not aching after I use it. That's really important to me.
With my baby, I often use the Sleepy Wrap to carry him on my back. The Sleepy Wrap website did not have the instructions on how to do this and so I wrote to them. They kindly directed me to a video of a mother showing how to do a back wrap. At first, it looked like pretty tricky moves. But when I tried it, it really wasn't that difficult at all. Except I would only recommend this back wearing for older babies and non wiggly ones.

You can see how happy babyD is in the wrap. I love it that I can carry him this way. When I need to get housework done and no one is around to monitor him, I just tie him to my back. He loves the closeness and of course, the piggy-back ride.

The only negative thing I find with Sleepy Wrap is doing the wrap when outside the house. Because it is long, the ends will kinda sweep the floor (in the beginning). That will get it kinda dirty. So I would advice that you tie it to your body first before leaving the house. Then when you want to carry baby, just pop him/her in. Doing a back wrap outside might catch you a few stares. Not sure if you want unwanted attention.

Overall, I believe Sleepy Wrap is one of the best baby wearing products out there. It is simple, easy, comfortable and effective. The creator of Sleepy Wrap is a genius. I bet after you use it, your babies might never want to be put down (oh-oh, is that a good thing?) Hahahahah. It's okay. Bonding with your baby is always a good thing.

If you'd like to get one for yourself, click this affiliate link here: Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier


  1. Ai Lian,

    Can I know how much is your sleepy wrap?

  2. Sheoh Yan:
    The sleepy wrap is USD33.95. Add another USD14.95 for worldwide shipping. Unfortunately they do not have a retailer here in Asia.

    You're welcome.

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  4. I am so glad you were able to use the video I made! :-) love the wrap pics. Sleepy wrap rocks!oh and a tip for you... tuck the tails in your pockets when wrapping in public. that helps keep it off the ground. :-)

  5. Yes this is definitely a lot of fun. We always carried Dillon & Kaith, using just a sarong cloth and I can see that they had fun.

  6. Drea:
    Thanks for the extra tip. Your video was really helpful.

    I could never quite master the sarong.

  7. What a great review! I sell Sleepy Wraps at!

    But unfortunately, not in Asia...YET!!

  8. You say that the baby doesn't get hot ... but what about the baby wearer. I'd like to buy a wrap but am afraid that I'll just always be hot wearing it! (Check out my post on baby carriers

  9. Back carries in a stretchy wrap are not good and very dangerous! Baby can flip right out of it due to the stretch. You can see with the picture of your son and how much he is able to lean back. That is why back carry instructions are not included with stretchy wraps. If you want to back carry, get a woven wrap.


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