Thursday, July 03, 2008

When I Wasn't Looking...

He quietly kept himself busy with my lipstick.

His sister's bedsheet looked a little pale, so he made sure it got some color.

The wall looked kinda empty. He decided it need a little something too.

"I'm just expressing my creativity. Why you all scolding me?"
Actually, he got some smeared on his face too but daddy quickly washed it all away before mommy got a chance to get her camera. Humph! Spoil sport. So, what are Mamas Bag of Tricks this time?
  • Grow eyes all around your head for 360 degrees vision (we already scream like a monster, might as well look like one too. Hahahah)
  • Tie your kid up when you have to take a bath. (This probably constitutes child abuse.)
  • Lock up your lipstick. Putting them up high does not work at the toddler stage coz' they can climb like monkeys.
  • Learn how to wash out lipstick stains.
  • Just tell them NO, and hope they listen.


  1. ha ha when i was kid i use to use my mom's lipstick a lot . I think i wanted to look like mom .

  2. a&a'smom06 July, 2008 11:11

    LOL, look at that cute guilty looking little face!


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