Thursday, June 26, 2008


CloveTWO has teamed up with Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB) in a contest to offer a FREE BAKING WORKSHOP!
Am I interested? Heck ya! But to be among the 5 winners, I first have to convince the judge and jury why I should be picked. So here it goes, my top 10 reasons why I'm putting my hand up and screaming "pick me! pick me!"
  1. I am absolutely NOT allergic to baking powder.
  2. Sweet buns with hot dog filling is my son's favorite. Please teach me 'sifu'.
  3. I am NOT afraid to get fat. Let's indulge in chocolate.
  4. I think my kids have suffered enough eating their mom's not-so-perfect baking endeavors. But they are such wonderful kids to still eat them and say they are nice.
  5. I need to get away from the kids for a few hours. I need some "me time".
  6. I love the smell of a bakery. It's like aromatherapy.
  7. I want my friends to say "Wah! You so clever to bake now ah."
  8. My husband says I need to upgrade my baking skills.
  9. FREE & EXPERT GUIDANCE. A combination that doesn't come by often. Perfect for a "kiam siap" (kedekut / miser) person like me.
  10. I will give you a free golf lesson if you pick me. Hahahahah. Just kidding. Cannot bribe the judges right? Okaylah, pick me because I really want to learn and the Malaysian Institute of Baking is the right place to learn. Serious okay! I need professional help.
Well, I hope my top 10 list will make it into the contest's top 5 list.

If anybody else want to join this contest, I strongly discourage it. The less the competitors, the higher my chances mah. Hahahah. But if you are nice and leave me a comment here, maybe I will choose you to go with me (if I win lah). Yes, winners get to bring a friend. So, pray that I win okay?


  1. No. 10 is so mean! But I still like them. If you win, bring me. In return, I teach you some Yoga. Lol. that is mean again. Who cares. hehe...

  2. hahaha...very practical and straight forward reasons ~ i hope you win!

  3. wow...Lian, that is a really good bargain ler....if only I am not heavily pregnant now, will surely compete with you to get into that, hahaha!!!


  4. You so deserve to be picked! Fabulous reasons lol


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