Monday, June 09, 2008

One Way To Keep Your Kids Busy

This baby cot was first used to "cage" baby, especially when I needed to cook and stuff. But then, he started to climb over the raised railing and that got dangerous coz' he would fall over head first. So I lowered the railing and the big kids started to have fun with it.
Well, if you ever need to keep your kids busy, give them some blankets and have them make a tent. I'm sure you've done this sort of thing when you were younger. I know I have. There's just something intriguing about crawling into covered spaces.
So, if you can't camp outside, just camp inside first.


  1. Great idea. My son loves to make tents throughout the house.

  2. Haha I still remember this game. When I'm small I love playing "camping" with my brother too. Nowadays parent willing to buy them a real tent.

  3. it does look fun...simple but fun...

  4. mommy mechanics:
    It's a children's thing. All children love making tents, don't you think?

    Yah, but real tent so "ma-fan" to put up and take down. And you don't really want to leave it up because it takes up room in the house. Unless you have BIG house lah.

    Kids enjoy the simple things in life. It's us adults that makes things complicated :)

  5. O Yea.. I did the tent combining two sofas and blankets when I as young with my brother too...

    And now...I am one of d parents who tot of getting a real tent for my dotter to play with ...coz my sofa is simply too heavy to convert to tent for her :P

    With the increase price of commodities..maybe indeed I should think twice n think of a more thrifty ways to make a tent for her :)


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