Monday, June 23, 2008

Making Cupcakes Again

I had a service auction at church last Saturday. The sisters were asked to offer a "service" and others would bid for it. So, what could I offer? I settled for decorated cupcakes. That gave me the opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone - cupcakes for bidding and cupcakes to entertain my children. So how did I do this time? You judge for yourself.

If you are wondering how to keep your kids busy during the holidays or maybe considering activities for a birthday party or playgroup, try a cupcake decorating session. I'm sure they will love it!


  1. Wow the cupcakes so nice. You really got the talent.

  2. What a wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone. Hehe.

  3. It really nice! How i wish i can be as creative as you! Where do you buy those tiny and cute love shape thingy?

  4. Cupcakes is definitely something I would love to try after getting a new electric beater :)

  5. i must say you did it very nicely. They look yummy....

  6. i love the "pinky pink" hearts!

    decorated with lots of luuurve, i am sure.

  7. vickylow:
    Thanks. But I'm still far off from the experts.

    Actually three birds - they get to eat a nice treat too.

    I'm not that creative. I look at what others have done to get inspiration. Those cute love sprinkles really help. Got them at a baking shop, along with all the other sprinkles.

    Quick get one and then share your cupcakes too.

    Thanks. I'm getting better with each try I think.

    mommy of 3 angels:
    The pinky pink hearts really make it nice ya? Maybe that's the secret to easy decorated cupcakes :)

  8. Hey Lian I just saw ur profile pic... how cute.. :) and hey u didn't told me the meaning of the statement of that cheerleader u stated on my blog... I will apreciate if you explain that for me.

  9. Hi Jaanvi:
    Not cheerleader, but church leader:)
    Okay, I've replied your question. Hope it helps.


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