Monday, June 02, 2008

Father's Day Craft

The children were restless so I had them work on the Father's Day gift. Decided to do something really simple - a card with service coupons attached.

Ended up only my girl did the card. My son was more interested in folding the little doggies and writing messages under the ears. Poor daddy has a drawer full of doggies now. We had to actually stop him from making more.
There are 4 service coupons attached: watering the plants, washing daddy's dirty plate, taking care of baby and cleaning the house.

Doing the craft is quite educational. To decorate the front of the card, I had to teach her how to create a border that is equal in size: how to use the ruler and measure, make marks then draw the lines. Also when she wrote "Happy Father's Day", she was writing it too small. Had to tell her stuff like defining the space she wants to fill and then estimating how big the words should be. These sort of things we adults do without thinking. But for a child, it needs to be taught. Anyway, in the end she did a pretty decent job.

So, what do you guys have planned for Father's Day?


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