Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Milestone: 20 Months

I haven't been writing about baby for awhile. I also haven't been scrapping for awhile. So, here goes some baby updates.
  • Still isn't talking much. Compared to his siblings, he is slower in developing speech. He can say "mama," "papa," "koko," and "jie jie." Even to call "mama" and "papa", we had to train him for 1 whole week before he called us correctly. When he remembered "mama", he forgot how to say "papa" and vice versa. It was so funny coz' you could see him trying to think how to form the words. He would move his lips trying to get the right sound and the wrong sounds would come out. Then he would try again. Finally, he can now "label" us correctly. But he didn't have any problem with "koko" and "jie jie." Maybe because he plays with them so often. When he talks to us, it is like playing charades. He uses all sorts of sign language and facial expressions. He understands a lot of things and knows what we are talking about. So I know there is nothing wrong with him. I guess he is just the strong, silent type. Hahahah. Which is a good break from his noisy, chattering siblings.

  • He has started to show interest in drawing. He will help himself to our stash of recycle paper and writing materials. I would put his hand on top of the paper and trace round it. He loves that. He can follow my instructions to draw circles or "up and down." Absolutely loves to play with chop (or what some people call rubber stamps.)

  • Still addicted to his "nen-nen." Yes, I am still breastfeeding him.

  • He is 12 kg. Very solid structure and still has a little tummy. He's got all his teeth out already.

  • Loves to climb like a little monkey. He would push a chair next to my bed and then jump onto the mattress. Also loves to jump on my couch (thanks to the brother's example). I'm still trying to get him to stay off the tables. Sigh!

  • He don't like to watch television... well, except commercials. Toys don't appeal much to him too (unless his siblings are playing with them). His favorite past time is to pull his stool next to me in the kitchen and watch me cut vegetable and stuff. If he is really hungry, he will hold his bowl out while I am getting the food ready.

  • He is a great helper around the house. He will help me carry the folded laundry upstairs. If you need to find something, he will find it for you. When I come home from grocery shopping, he insists that you give him a bag to carry inside. When it is time to sweep the house, he and his brother will put up the carpet, foot rug and footstools. He will even take the broom and dustpan for you.

  • The most special thing about this little guy is his warm, caring nature. If an aunty asks for something to eat, he will share his food. Last Saturday we were at a friend's farewell party. He walked up to an aunty that he hardly knows and offered his cup for her to drink. She, of course, would not take his cup. So he walked to the drink table and took a cup. He pointed at me to fill it up and then went back to the aunty and insisted she have a drink. Hahahah. He has got many "aunties" at church that dot over him. And he freely rewards them with his hugs and kiss.


  1. well done...that is a whole lot of achievements!!..bravo!

  2. Wow so caring baby, *hug* kiss* from aunty :)

  3. 20 months and he can do all that? Mine is 18 mths and does not do anything other than show his tantrums! Pening!

  4. he is cute with the spec! U know, my nephew got one real one, which looks alike!


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