Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fried Ikan Bilis

Actually, I don't really know the name of this dish. Plus, it's modified a bit from the one I used to eat. I remember when I was really young, my family would sometimes order this ikan bilis (anchovies) snack at the golf club, especially during bingo nights. Ahhh... memories.

Anyway, I decided that I should try to recreate the dish. My first attempt wasn't very good. The ikan bilis wasn't crispy enough. Second attempt my FIL helped out. I volunteered to bring this ikan bilis dish to a friend's farewell gathering. As I was kinda busy that day, I just described to him what the dish was suppose to be. Getting ready to cook, I realized that I had very little ikan bilis left; definitely not enough to feed many people. So, FIL suggested to add potatoes. He did a wonderful job with the dish. Very well modified. Watching how he cooked, I learned to do it the right way. Today, DH modified it further by adding tomatoes.

Usually for our meals, I have 3 dishes: 1 meat, 1 vege and 1 "whatever". This fried ikan bilis is a delicious "whatever" dish. So, here is the recipe:

Ikan bilis
Potatoes - strips
Onions - sliced into rings
Red chilli
Cili padi (if you want it even more hot)
Tomato (optional) - cubes

How to cook:
Add enough oil for frying. Get it boiling hot.
Fry the ikan bilis until crispy brown. Put aside.
Fry potatoes until like french fry or crispier. Put aside.
Reduce the oil. Just leave a little bit to saute the onions.
Add in the chilli and tomato. Stir around for a few minutes.
Mix in the fried ikan bilis and fried potatoes.
Little bit of soy sauce.
Add sugar to taste (depends on how sweet you want it).
Dish it out, serve to eat.
Cut the lime in half. Squeeze over the dish before eating.

Hope you enjoy this salty, sweet and little bit of sour fried ikan bilis dish.


  1. hihi, you... forgot to put the word 'spicy' in last line :p.

    yup, it was also 1 of my memories at home. mum cooked this, but in a very simple way:D.

    totally agree with you that this is yummy 'whatever'- helps to open appetite leh~! hehehe

    thanks for sharing and bring back the nice memories of mine *smile*.

  2. Haha. I usually have a "whatever" third dish too. Usually its either eggs or taufoo. This is a nice "whatever" dish. I like it with some sugar added. Hehe.

  3. I've tried this whatever dish but without the tomatoes..i also added curry leave to add fgragrance.. Yummy!! Later I tried substitute the anchovies with soya balls (vegetarian meatballs) and diced chicken.

  4. pc:
    Yah, and spicy. Thanks for the reminder. Hahaha. Also your favorite too eh?

    Hey, sama geng-leh. Usually my "whatever" dish is also eggs or taufoo.

    Wah, more modifications. Must try with curry leaves next time I cook. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Well, this looks wonderful. I am American but most of my kids really like spicy foods. I'll try this...
    glad I found your blog.


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