Thursday, September 11, 2008

Easy Kid's Craft: Bookmark

This was what I was busy doing yesterday: homemade bookmarks.

My daughter was rummaging through my table looking for one and I thought it would be a good idea to make one ourselves. Afterall, she has been bugging me to spend more time with her.

Since I'm not a crafty person, I searched the net for ideas. Came across a felt and ribbon bookmark. Seemed pretty easy plus I have some felt that I've been storing for years. There's also a lacy cloth in my "junk box". I used that instead of ribbon. It's about time I took these things out and put them to good use.

I didn't let the kids do the cutting. I let them do the designing and gluing instead. At first I used white glue but then decided that the glue gun is a better choice. End up we did a whole bunch because the kids wanted to give away to their friends and aunties at church. So here I am cutting away.

This is really a craft that only takes a few minutes to do (unless you decide to do tons of them).

I know I should do more craft work with my children. It really is a good way to have some bonding time. Not to mention encourage their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. It keeps them busy: away from trouble and away from the television. My problem is, I like hassle-free crafts. I will only consider doing it if they are really easy and if I already have the materials. That's why my craft sessions with my kids are sorely limited. Poor kids!

  • Designate a craft box and stock up on some art stuff like felt, glitter, googley eyes, buttons, different kinds of colored and patterned paper, crepe paper, ribbons, stamps, glue gun, lace, glitter pens, pattern scissors, embellishments etc....
Anyway, I came across this ebook called "FUN KIDS CRAFTS". Really fun and easy kids craft ideas - all 700 of them. I'm sure you'll find some that suit your liking. There are mother's day crafts, toilet roll crafts, preschool crafts, christmas crafts, bible crafts, holiday crafts and many more.

If you really want to see how easy it is, just click the following to see some sample pages. Also check out the bonus e-books that come with it.


  1. Nice homemade bookmarks! Looking at these bookmarks makes me reminisce the time when I was 7 yo. I was already money-minded at that age and I made bookmarks and sold them for 10sen each to my classmates.... and many of them bought my bookmarks too lol!

  2. Very cute! Your kids are adorable :)

  3. health freak mommy:
    How enterprising of you. Of course these days 10sen is not enough. Hahahaha.

    Thanks for the compliment. I have plenty to learn from you.

  4. Nice! Amazing what kids can do when you just hand over the jewels and lace!

  5. lovely bookmarks! and waoh 'ex national golfer' !!!

  6. Great idea..pretty and lovely bookmarks there . Next time you can even convert them into fridge magnets but sticking them on magnets.I love crafts, too! I've made many crafts to raise fun and give as gifts for birthdays or wedding occasions. Very fulfilling hobby!

  7. Nice bookmark. I still remember when kid time I like to use leaf to be my bookmark :)

  8. Lovely! I think it will make a great Teacher Appreciation gift! :) Thanks for sharing, Lian.

  9. Those bookmarks look wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Your kids are just so cute!!
    It's a great idea to keep an arts & crafts box around for those rainy days!
    Also when Michael's has those sales bins you can find really inexpensive additions to your crafts box.

  11. I wonder if my son would someday sit down with me to do this or would he rather go out & play badminton with his daddy ... hmmm. Will have to wait and see. Nice work, you 3!

  12. elizabeth:
    Yes, have to cultivate that creative side of them.

    Thanks. And yeah, ex-national golfer. The keyword is "EX". Hahaha.

    Thanks for the magnet idea. Looks like I have much to learn from you. I'm really not crafty at all.

    Yeah, I used to do that too.

    I told my girl this is what we're doing for the next Teacher's Day.

    Thanks. I like how my baby can't tear this one. Hahaha.

    Yes, must look out for those sales. And a craft box is really handy coz' next time, our kids are going to have school projects too right?

    family first:
    I'm sure he'll do both, like my kids. They're just so full of energy. They can do everything:)


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