Friday, October 31, 2008

Learning In The Kitchen

He doesn't play with his toys. He doesn't watch tv (except for commercials). He would rather pull up that stool and watch me prepare food. Yup, that's his favorite spot in the house.

Mamas Parenting Tips
  • The kitchen is a great place for children to learn. As I cut the veges and stuff, I teach him the names of the food. Not just visual, he gets to feel, smell and sometimes taste it too. Sensory learning -- great stuff.
  • As they watch you do stuff, they unconsciously pick up skills. For example, they learn that to crack an egg, you tap it against the bowl first. Or they learn that you don't eat the carrot's skin and you use a peeler to peel it away.
  • Of course, teach them that the knife is sharp and can hurt them. Point out what is dangerous in the kitchen. Teaching them these things is one way of keeping them safe.
So, don't shoo them away from the kitchen.


  1. a&a'smom31 October, 2008 17:01

    Hehehehe, the future Jamie Oliver! Teach him from now itself about cooking healthy , nutritious food.

  2. Baby D has grown so much and he's still quite chubby! Is he still on breast milk? Yup, the kitchen is a great way to teach your kids things.

  3. Future Chef in the making! Good!

  4. wow he standing near the knife. I'm a bit kiasi leh and never let my girl stand on the stool at kitchen. When making milk I would ask her to stand away while telling her "hot hot".

  5. a&a'smom:
    Oooh yes, I would love a Jamie Oliver to cook for me. Healthy, nutritious AND tasty.

    health freak mommy:
    Not as chubby but still little bit chubby. Yup, still breastfeeding.

    family first:
    How I wish, how I wish.

    Yeah, I repeatedly teach him to NOT touch the knife. Even though dangerous, but I think it's better I expose them a little but with supervision lah. If we shield them too much, it might hurt them later on.


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