Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Internet Withdrawal Syndrome

Friday my internet got zapped by lightning. Only today did they get it up and running again. Meanwhile, I had to endure internet withdrawal symptoms. Like a smoker trying to quit, I had to find something to substitute my "loss". So, what can you do when you're disconnected from the internet world?
  • Catch up on some scrapbooking.
  • Sing more nursery rhymes to the baby.
  • Experiment in the kitchen. I made chicken rendang for the first time.
  • Do more house cleaning. I finally washed my curtains. Cleaned the fans today too.
  • Write articles for submission later on. I wrote an article on golf (something I know about) so I didn't have to do much research on the internet for that.
  • Exercise. Go for walks and play badminton with the kids in the evening.
  • Read more books to the children.
  • Take naps.
So, do you get internet withdrawal syndrome?


  1. haha..enjoy such a life without internet is wonderful, but of course, i believe you only can tahan a while only...:)

  2. Hmm... Doesn't sound like a withdrawal syndrome at all. Sounds like you're having fun. Hahaha.

  3. ahaha.. very true about that ... i realize once i dun hv internet, i got to do more things !!! other wise i just seat here ... until bum also getting big liau ...LOL

    Love ur son expression !!! cute

  4. THose are all great ways for dealing with no internet. I love reading so, I would just catch up on the book I'm reading. OR I would knit. I just picked that back up recently and it's so much fun.

  5. contentedmom:
    Guess we all belong to the internet addiction club :)

    Yup, can tahan only 1-2 days. After that start cursing streamyx for not working faster to solve the problem.

    Oh,I had my "breakdown" moments. heheheh. I would sit down and feel kinda lost, wondering if so-and-so had answered my mail or there was something I just had to check. Crazy!

    anggie's journal:
    Ya, it's like have to fill the gap.

    I'm sure once you start knitting, it's hard to put it down. What are you working on?

  6. He He easy to say hard to get over the addict..somehow I will source elsewhere like relative's place or office to get in. He He!

  7. New blogger here .. so not so hooked yet. Wonder what I will do if I really get hooked and one day deprived of it .. hmmm ... need to do some pondering.

  8. renet13:
    Wah, I think you have it worse than me. Hahahha. But then, I'm too far away from friends and relatives to invade their home. Or else I think I would do it too :)

    family first:
    Best thing is to ponder how NOT to get hooked in the first place. Prevention better than cure :)

  9. I definitely have big time internet withdrawal syndrome. One time my internet was down for 8 long days and I was sooo terribly miserable that 8 days haha...


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