Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tom Yam Baked Fish

This has become one of my children's favorite dish: Tom Yam Baked Ikan Pari (Stingray). The first time I cooked this, I didn't cook a lot because I thought the children wouldn't eat it since it is a little spicy. The next thing I know, they are the ones finishing up the dish and everyone is sort of fighting to get some. I think the kids like the "Ikan Pari" because it is easy to eat. It's not like the other kinds of fish where you have to be careful of the bones. Plus, the sourish taste of the Tom Yam probably increases their appetite.

Anyway, here is how I do my Tom Yam Baked Fish.

Line the tray with aluminium foil. Then put everything on top of a banana leaf.
Everything = Ikan pari (stingray) covered with tom yam sauce, 2-3 stalks of lemon grass (crushed), tomato (quartered), sliced ladies fingers (okra), 1 big onion (sliced).

This is the Tom Yam paste I used. I put in about half a bottle of Life Tom Yam paste and a packet of Adabi Tom Yam Kung paste. This one time I used the Adabi packet without the Life brand paste (because I had run out), it didn't taste as good. It was salty and not very sourish.

Wrap it all up. Poke some holes on top. Put it in the oven for about 45 minutes. I had my oven at 200 degrees celcius.

Tadaaaa... this is what you get at the end. Squeeze some lime over for more umph!


  1. That looks and smells awesome! Where did you get your banana leaf from? Don't tell me you have your own tree!

  2. Hi Mamapumpkin:
    Hehehe. Actually, I do have my own tree :) If you need some, just let me know.

  3. I want some!! How long do they last? Few days? Do u ever come to town? Otherwise I'll come look for u :-)

  4. I don't know how long they last. I am always at church on Sunday. That's at PJ state. You can come look for me there and I'll pass you some. Maybe 1-2 leaves. Can't cut too much coz' the tree also not so many leaves. Wakakaka. But when you cook, you'll probably only use half a leaf coz it's quite big.


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