Thursday, July 08, 2010

How Do You Get Yourself Exercising?

I'm terrible when it comes to exercising. There's always an excuse not to do it:
  • Baby's awake. I'll need to take care of her.
  • Slept late last night. I just need a few more minutes of sleep.
  • I'm too tired after doing all the housework (or whatever work).
  • It's too hot.
  • I feel so lazy.
  • I'll do it tomorrow.
I'm sure you have a lot of excuses too. I've been looking at my bulging tummy the last few months and it is not getting any smaller. I guess after 4 kids, it is now more difficult to "shrink" back to normal size.

Well, no more excuses. It's useless for me to keep complaining about the extra fats and not do anything about it. The only person who enjoys my love handles is babyK. As she drinks her nen-nen milk, she will pinch all my bulging belly fat. Painful for me, "shiok" for her. So yesterday (and today) I got out the sports shoes and walked/jogged around the neighborhood. Took out the gym ball and did sit ups and stuff too.

My body hurts a little now. But no pain, no gain right? Just 2 days of exercise and I am feeling much lighter already. I think even the stomach has gone down. It's probably just my imagination. Hahahah. Weight loss isn't going to happen in 48 hours (not for me that is). But one thing is for sure, when you start exercising, you start to feel better about yourself.

There really is no gimmick when it comes to exercising and losing weight. You only need one thing: WILL POWER. You just need to make up your mind that you're going to do it and then do it. Just get rid of all the excuses and do it.

So, are you guys exercising and what keeps you going? Please share.

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  1. a&a's mom08 July, 2010 16:45

    What keep me going at exercising is the feeling & rewards when u compare urself being obese & after losing all that excess weight. U feel so good after a good workout. I just luv my 10kms run at the stadium tracks which now I can only do now on wkends since I hv to send Abilash to sch. Anyway the wkends I workout in my home gym on my treadmill, weights, gym ball, roving machine & exercycle. Oh ya, do remember eating healthy & exercsing goes hand in hand for a successfull weight loss.
    So here's to a healthier u!

  2. Well, the problem i face is to start the routine but once I am into it, I start enjoying it and look forward to that time.... Try push yourself and imagine yourself in a glamorous outfit with those perfect curves and not tyres.. you will automatically be able to motivate yourself... all the best..

  3. I believe the most difficult part is when you're just starting out. You haven't lost any weight yet and you haven't done it long enough for it to be part of your life. It's like cranking up a very old and rusty engine :)

    @a&a's mom:
    I wished I lived closer to you. I'll sign up to be member of your home gym :) And thanks for the reminder on eating healthy.

    I totally understand. I have to put in so much energy just to decide to put on my shoes and out of the house. But once I start walking, I just keep going. Imagining myself with perfect curves doesn't really help me because imagining myself sleeping a little longer in bed is more enticing. Hahahaha.

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