Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Is 15 Months Old

Oh goodness, so busy moving house I didn't have time to update on babyK's progress. Let me show you some of her favorite things to do:

Messing with the color pencils

Messing with the containers in my kitchen

She hardly plays with any of her toys. She loves to take the broom and sweep the floor. She opens my kitchen cabinets and takes out all the tupperwares. She will ransack her siblings drawer where they keep their school stuff. And yes, she already pulled down the Christmas tree one time. She loves to tinkle on my mom's music keyboard. So unfortunate that I can't get this little one to sit down for a peaceful book reading session. All she wants to do is turn the pages.

She finally started to walk at 13 months. That is about when she started to eat solid food too. Totally skipped the porridge and mashy food; went straight to noodles and rice (but she is more of a noodle girl). Now she is an eating machine. She goes round the house looking for food. Her favorite is "keropok", biscuits and bread. She also loves ice cream. She drinks straight from a cup.

She has more teeth coming out. 2 more coming out at the bottom and 1 new one coming out at the top. That makes 7 teeth altogether.

Her understanding of language has expanded. She can carry out simple instructions like throwing stuff in the rubbish bin, putting things back, sit down etc.... Her talking is still mostly "pa pa pa pa". If she wants something, she will point and say "this" and then do the sign language for the word "more".

She is an observer. During our church Christmas party, she just stood and watched what everyone was doing. Right now she is sitting right next to her grandfather watching him peel the garlic. When I'm preparing food, she will grab a stool to stand next to me and watch me cut and wash.

When we moved house, it took her about 2 weeks to adjust. She was very, very sticky the first few days. Only after 2 weeks did she allow my mother to carry her.

Still breastfeeding her. She will only say "mama" when she wants to suck.

She loves to sing. She tries to sing "Silent Night" with us. She will go something like "oooooooo" and then burst out laughing.

Mamas Parenting Tip
  • At this age, they are trying to improve the motor skills of their hands and fingers. Give them boxes or any containers that they can open and close. If you want to play with baby, make a game where she can put things in and take things out of the container. That is why she likes to take my container of color pencils to play. She will throw them all on the floor and then attempt to put them back. A simple bottle cap can also keep her busy as she tries to put it back on the bottle. Trying to maneuver a pen cover onto the pen tip can also be part of their training/play.
  • Talk, talk, talk to baby. Encourage them to talk back. Pretend to have a conversation with them.
  • Get a good pair of shoes for them to walk in.
  • Sing, sing, sing to them.

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