Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Baby is 18 Months Old

Unbelievable! She's already 1 1/2 years old. This little girl is an active one. She may be small but she keeps all us big ones mighty busy. As we are cleaning up one mess, she is already working on creating another one.

This is where we hope she would play.

But this is where she spends most of her time:
ransacking the table for pens, pencils, color pencils and magic pens.
I have to be more vigilant now coz' she's started to draw in books. I have to make sure the library books are not left out for her to find. I also have to keep reminding the older kids to keep their school books out of her reach.

Regarding her speech, I'm still called "papa". That is still how she calls everybody. She is trying to communicate more. I think I'm getting pretty good at playing charades with her. Whenever I guess the right answer, she will say "yes". That's pretty much the clearest word she can say. I'm glad she's learned how to say "yes" instead of "no". There has been attempts to say "helicopter". Every so often we have one fly over the house. It's funny actually; Here is a baby who can't call me "mama" but is attempting to say "helicopter".

Oh, there is a new word: "Awak, awak." That is what she says when she wants you to read her a book. How she got to "awak awak" from "read book", I haven't the faintest idea. Talking about books, she really likes reading. She will toddle over to the bookshelf and bring books over for me to read. She will also sit and thumb through it herself. However, she doesn't really care about the story. She just likes to turn the pages to look at the pictures. So I deliberately point to the words and ask her to wait when she wants to turn the page.

We've started our toilet training. That was quite by accident actually. You see, we were at church and she was running around with the other kids. I was getting my weekly dose of socializing and I didn't know she had a poopy diaper. By the time I changed her, her skin was already red with rash. So the next few days I let her run diaper free around the house. She eventually got the idea and would pull down her pants to tell us she wanted to go pee or poo. I didn't know she was ready for potty training but obviously, she is. We still have accidents though. That's normal. What makes me tired is when she takes off her pants every 10 minutes to go to the bathroom. Whether she has pee or not, we have to take her. Take goodness for older siblings to help out poor mommy:) The thing is, babyK is choosy when it comes to wearing back her pants. Normally she will not allow the person who takes her to the bathroom to put her pants back on for her. So if I take her, she'll look for her daddy to put on her pants and vice versa. Real cheeky.
Oh, almost forgot to mention that she likes to pee like a boy. She has seen how her brother stands at the toilet bowl; she thinks that's how she should do it too.

She doesn't eat much but loves to drink soup. So that's motivation for me to boil soup every week.

Her molars have emerged. Unfortunately she don't like me brushing her teeth.

When I'm in the kitchen preparing meals, she will position her stool next to me and stand to watch what I'm doing. Watching only is fine with me, unfortunately Miss Octopus Hands will want to touch this and that. Eventually, my patience wears out and I chase her out of the kitchen.

Well little girl, your energy is wearing me out. Hopefully the supplements daddy bought will help me keep up with you.

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