Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Where To Get Some Cool Homeschool Curriculum

Whether you send your children to school or are homeschooling, you will like this website called CurrClick. You'll find tons of educational material such as lap books, ebooks, file folder games, activity books etc....

I really like how you can preview most of the books. That way you can have a peek to see if it is something your children will like.

I bought a book called 100 Little Language Lessons. Each page is a passage on a certain topic. My kids get to pick up new vocabulary and learn how to spell them. I love it because it doesn't take very long to do. The little passages are educational by themselves. It's a fun little activity to fill up time.

If you are looking for educational stuff to supplement your children's education, give this website a check. Click this affiliate link to see for yourself: CurrClick

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