Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Let Me Win Mommy

The last few days, our family has been playing Monopoly Deal. I bought the game so the kids won't spend too much time on the computer. My youngest son D2 really loves the game. Unfortunately, being only 4 years old, he isn't as "cunning" as his older siblings or dad. So he hasn't won a game yet. He knows the rules and stuff, he just hasn't learned how to strategize and plan winning moves.

It is quite heartbreaking for him when we "steal" his property or take away all the money in his bank. When someone else wins, he would put on his sad puppy face. Trying to comfort him, I would remind him it is just a game.

The other day as I was comforting him, he said "you must let me win the game."

My answer?   "Sorry son, I cannot let you win. You have to learn how to win".

Although I know letting him win will make him happy, I don't think I'm helping him that way. I believe I should teach him that that losing can be a stepping stone towards success one day. Success is also sweeter when you earn it on your own. Plus, it is important to learn how to be a gracious loser. Being a good sport is important too. Hopefully he understands the lesson I'm trying to teach him by not letting him win.

What about you? Would you purposely let your children win? What's your take on this?

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