Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cute Dad Shows You How To Use A Baby Sling

This video has caused many mommy's hearts to flutter a bit. When it comes to babywearing, it is usually the mom who does it. You don't see many videos of dads demonstrating how to use a baby sling. Plus, almost everyone is agreeing that he is a hottie. Are you thinking the same?

Anyway, I posted this video here coz' I think this is a great inspiration to all dads. I've tried using the long baby sling wrap similar to what this dad is using. It has its good and bad points.

  • Feels nice and snug. It holds baby very well.
  • The weight distributes evenly on both shoulders. You won't feel any stress on the shoulders or back.
  • You can hold baby several ways: cradle, on the hip, on the back.

  • The cloth is very long. It is a problem if you need to put it on in the parking lot or at the store as it hits the floor and might get dirty.
  • Not so suitable anymore when baby is bigger and heavier. The baby's weight will stretch the cloth a bit. You have to tie the cloth extra snug then.
  • If you are carrying your newborn in a cradle position, make sure his head doesn't get buried and the baby's airway is always clear. There is the danger of suffocation.
Some dads may think this kind of sling is a little troublesome to put on and take off. If you want to encourage your hubby to use a baby sling, it might help to get a sling that is simple to use and doesn't look to "girly". The Ergo Baby Carrier has many designs that are suitable for dads. Click on the link for my detailed review.

So, is your hubby open to using a baby sling? What kind of baby sling works best for you and hubby?

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