Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Should You Choose the ErgoBaby Baby Carrier?

The last thing you want to do is buy a baby carrier that hurts your back or don't function like you need it to. You've probably heard about the ErgoBaby baby carrier. I'm not surprised you are checking it out because it is one of the best in the market.

La Stella Blu Baby Carriers

Here is a review to help you make a smart decision.

Price Range
$115 - $148

Baby's age/weight
From birth until not more than 40 pounds (18 Kilograms). Well, that is the website's recommendation. However, it can carry up to about 90 pounds (41 Kilograms). Many mothers are in favor of the Ergo because they can use it for a long time, even up to preschool years.

Back Support
Many mothers like it because there is no stress on the back and shoulders. Straps go over both shoulders and there's a belt that goes around the waist. The design makes it possible for baby's weight to be distributed evenly. It is very comfortable to wear and you can carry baby for long periods of time, even if you have a heavy baby. Ideal for shopping, traveling and hiking.

Crotch Dangler?
No. Provides good support to baby's hip and spine. Baby is in a natural sitting position.

Carry Positions
Front (inward facing only), back and hip position

Ease of Use
You can get baby in and out without much hassle. The back carry takes some practice though.


Head Support
Baby is well supported even when you bend forward and are moving around. Keeps the baby's head steady.

Hands Free
Yes. Baby is snugged inside. You can easily move about and do what you need to do.

  • It has an infant insert caled Heart to Heart. It is padded and uniquely shaped to secure your newborn in the right position when held in the carrier. As you know, a new born can't sit upright yet, so this insert supports your baby's head, neck, spine and hips.
  • Sucking pads so you don't have to wash the whole carrier when baby sucks on the straps.
  • Ergo baby weather cover to keep baby warm and dry when it's not so nice out there.
  • Extension belt, matching pouch and also a back pack.
Plus Points
  • Has a sleeping hood to support your sleeping baby's head. Also good to use as a cover when nursing your baby.
  • Easy to get baby in and out, although some say it takes a bit of practice to do the back carry.
  • When you roll it up, it is small enough to fit under your stroller or inside your diaper bag.
  • It looks great on the dads too.
  • It has a little pocket where you can fit in a couple of diapers, wipes,your key and some money. If you need more room, you can buy a detachable front pouch.
Bad Points
  • Some mothers say they felt a bit warm as the material was too thick. You might want to get the Ergo Sport which has better ventilation.
  • The body at the back is also a little short and some mothers commented that their older and taller kids were arching out.
  • You may find the straps a bit bulky.
How to get baby into the 3 positions: http://youtu.be/xh5tQLMw4RI
How To Nurse with the Ergo:  http://youtu.be/opRXOABwfxw

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  1. Bought something like this when my girl was a baby. Did not know how to tie/use it. In the end, never used - just threw it away. LOL!!!

  2. STP: Some carriers can be quite complicated. I practiced babywearing a lot especially when out grocery shopping. This was when they were still too young to sit in the shopping trolley. It was also helpful with my youngest baby because she was a bit colicky and carrying her calmed her down and helped her to sleep.
    Aiyah STP, I'm sure your wife did most of the carrying.

  3. Thanks for educating mamas on how to do it better.


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