Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What's New at Positively Organic

Positively Organic Baby Clothes produces kids clothes that are made from organic cotton. The designs can be described as bold, bright, hip but also simple.

  • Free from heavy metals.
    Nickel-free snaps and low impact chemical dyes are gentler on the environment and also ideal for kids with allergies and sensitivities like asthma and eczema. You reduce your children's exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Doing your part to care for the environment.
    What does "organic cotton" mean? It means the cotton was grown without using synthetic fertilizers and persistent pesticides It takes toxins out of the equation. It not only refers to how the cotton is grown but also how it is processed. Organic cotton reduces pollution.
  • It is soft, cool and comfortable to wear.

Here are some new summer designs from Positively Organic.
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Unisex Hoodie - Positively Organic

Perfect for those breezy days.

Swing Tunic - Positively Organic

You can mix and match with leggings, yoga pants or shorts.

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt - Positively Organic

Very comfortable for warm weather days. Look stylish with yoga pants and surf shorts.

Infant Gown - Positively Organic

Easy to put on and easy to change diapers. Comfortable and practical.

So, do check out the new designs at Positively Organic. 
And I'd love to hear what you think about organic clothes. Do you think it is worth getting?

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