Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Hawk Carrier: Oh Snap Review

When it comes to comfortable soft structured carriers, the Baby Hawk Oh Snap is a popular choice. Initially, the Baby Hawk was a Mei Tai type of sling. But now, they have it with snaps and buckles too (which is the Oh Snap).

Wondering if the Baby Hawk Oh Snap is right for you? Here's a quick review to help you decide.

Price Range

Baby's age/weight
15 to 45 pounds.
Ideal for older babies and toddlers.

Back Support
You won't feel your back hurting because the weight distribution is fantastic. Many mothers say they can barely feel their baby's weight. You can wear baby for a long time and feel no pain.

Crotch Dangler?
No. Babywearing experts will give it a thumbs up as baby sits in a correct position. You can tell because your baby's knees are higher than the butt. They are not dangling.

Carry Positions
Front carry, back carry

Ease of Use
You can quickly put baby in and out. It is easy to use.

Yes. Convenient for nursing.

Head Support
It has a headrest that can be folded down.

Hands Free
Yes. Baby is well supported and is not flopping around.


Plus Points
  • Top and bottom straps are very well padded. You will feel comfortable wearing it.
  • Beautiful designs. You can expect many compliments to come your way.
  • The length of the carrier is higher than most other carriers. Therefore it gives excellent back support, especially for older and taller babies.You don't have to worry about them leaning out of the carrier.
  • Adjustable to fit you and your spouse. 
  • If you are petite, you can adjust both the waist belt and top strap to help fit you better.
Bad Points
  • Pricey
  • No pockets
  • When you carry baby in front, you have to take off the chest strap. If you don't keep it properly, you might lose it. 
  • Not suitable for newborns and small babies. Best used for babies about 6 months and up.
  • Does not have a hood to hold babies head when sleeping, but some mothers say you don't need a hood. The carrier's high back and head rest is good enough.
Putting baby in the front carry position (video is a bit blurr though):

If you appreciate my review and would like to get a Baby Hawk Oh Snap, please do so through my affiliate link. Thanks.

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