Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beco Carrier Review

The Beco carrier is a very stylish baby carrier. You will love the beautiful prints. It is one of the best soft structured carriers and many mothers give it a thumbs up.

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Here is a quick review on the Beco carrier.

Price Range
$119- $139

Baby's age/weight
From newborns till toddlers.
Suitable for 7-45 lbs.

Back Support
It is ergonomical design provides excellent lumbar support. The shoulder straps and adjustable belt are wide and padded. You won't strain your back or shoulders with this carrier.

Crotch Dangler?
No. Baby sits rather than dangle. Good support for spine and hips.
With the Beco Gemini, you can fold the bottom part of the body to make it narrower. This is ideal for very young babies who can't straddle yet. This way baby can sit in a correct position which is the knees above the butt. When baby gets older, you can unfold the body to make it wider. 

Carry Positions
Depends which type of Beco you choose:
Beco Butterfly II: Front front facing in and back carry.
Beco Gemini: Frong facing in, facing out, hip carry and back carry.

Ease of Use
Very easy to use whether carrying baby in the front or back.
Adjustable to fit someone who is 5'1" or 5'10".

Can be done but not easy for some. It depends on the build of your body. Some mothers find it easier than others. One tip is to loosen the straps to get baby down lower to a level where you can feed. The extra piece of fabric (inside panel) between you and baby may get in your way.
It is easy to feed with the Beco Gemini because it doesn't have that extra panel.

Head Support
Good head and neck support for baby. The Beco Gemini has a foldable headrest. The Beco Butterfly 2 has a hoody that you can snap on to the carrier to protect babe's head while sleeping.

Hands Free
Yes, baby is well secured.

Drooling pads to attach to the straps so baby can drool away.

Plus Points
  • The inside panel is a unique feature of the Beco. You can secure baby in the carrier before putting it on yourself. It also allows you to pass the baby to your spouse or another person without having to take baby out. You can also feel safe when you unbuckle the straps knowing baby will not fall out.
  • During warm weather, the fabric between baby and you helps to separate your sweaty body from baby and vice versa.
  • The Beco butterfly comes with a removable infant insert. The Gemini doesn't but you can fold the bottom to make it narrower to support your small baby better. So you don't have to buy extra accessories for a newborn.
  • The leg openings are padded so baby's legs won't get chaffed.
  • You can cross the straps if you want.
  • Can be folded down to a small size for easy storage and portability.
  • Very stylish.
  • Slim fitting. Not bulky.
Bad Points
No pocket.

How to put a newborn into the Beco:

How To Nurse with the Beco:

There are 2 types of Beco: Beco Butterfly II and Beco Gemini
There are a few differences between the two.

Choose Beco Butterfly II if:
  • you want to transfer the baby carrier to another person without having to unbuckle the baby. You can't do that with the Gemini. 
  • you like the idea of strapping baby into the carrier before putting it on. This may feel more secure to you.
  • you prefer the detachable sleeping hood.

Choose the Beco Gemini if:
  • you want the extra option of carrying baby front facing out and on the hips.
  • you would rather a simple buckle carrier (don't really fancy the safety harness feature of Beco Butterfly II), then Gemini is your choice. 
  • you like to cross the straps. 
  • you prefer a headrest that can snap up or down as oppose to a sleeping hood.
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