Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sharing Pictures Animoto Style

Create your own video slideshow at

These are some pictures that were taken in the month of May 2011. Actually, a majority of the pictures were taken by my son; It's the result of an 8 year old boy discovering the timer feature on the camera. It made me laugh looking at them posing for the camera and waiting for it to go click.

You can create fun videos like what I did here. It was so easy. Just upload the photos, pick the template, select the music and ta-dah! You can register for a free account BUT your videos will only be 30 seconds long. If you want to do longer videos, you can upgrade to their Animoto Plus account by paying USD5/month or USD30/year.

You can also use Animoto to market your business BUT you'll need an Animoto Pro account for that. Price currently is USD39/month, USD249/year.

If you like what I've recommended and want to register with Animoto, click on my affiliate link. Thanks.


  1. Sounds like ajinomoto! LOL!!! I've seen this in blogs but not for slow connections - will never get to see the photos...just a black rectangle!

  2. Wow, cool idea! And what a cute little boy :)

    Thanks for stopping by Manana Mama earlier, now following.

  3. STP: Did you get to see it? Or was it a black rectangle for you?

    Manana Mama: Thanks for following back. By the way, the baby is a girl. I hope when you commented "cute little boy", you're not talking about her. Hahahah. Maybe I need to grow her hair out.

  4. Your kids are adorable. I always enjoy looking at photos of happy kids.

  5. Quay Po Cooks:
    Thanks. It is fun to put up pictures of happy kids.


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