Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dumb Encounter With Curry Chicken

The other day, my son requested that I cook curry chicken. He has his father's and grandfather's cili-eating blood. So, I decided to get some "curry paste" from the Indian shop at the wet market. Usually, I just use curry powder, but decided to do something different. Unfortunately, I didn't quite know how to buy the curry paste. So this was my conversation with the shop owner:

Me: 1 packet please (pointing to the curry paste)
Shop owner: How much do you want?
Me: Errr... not sure.
Shop owner: What are you cooking?
Me: Curry chicken.
Shop owner: How much are you cooking?
Me: Err... 1 pot (gesturing about how big the pot is).
Shop owner: So, how much do you want?
Me: I don't know.
Shop owner: You don't know what you are cooking?
Me: I know. Curry chicken (feeling very embarrassed already).
Shop owner: How much chicken are you cooking? 1 chicken, 2 chicken?
Me: Ooh, 1 chicken.
Shop owner: Okay. Now I know how much to give you. You must tell me how much meat you are cooking.
Me: I see (feeling very dumb).

So, this is how much I got for 1 chicken.

 I really don't know what are the ingredients in this paste. I can only guess there is some "kunyit" (turmeric). I don't know what are the other stuff. Anybody out there can help identify the other ingredients?

Anyway, the chicken curry turned out awesome. Very delicious. I added in some kaffir leaves, daun kesum (laksa leaves), mint leaves and curry leaves.

What did my boy have to say? 
Thumbs up!

Shocking that my girl who doesn't really eat spicy food also enjoyed it. 
Don't ask me why she is wearing bunny ears to eat her lunch.

Parenting Tip:
Make sure you teach your children how to buy ingredients.


  1. ROTFL!!! You've never gone marketing kah? Usually we tell the person what we want to cook - curry, rendang, khurma or what...and tell him the amount - 1 chicken, 1 kg daging....and he will mix. Lots of things there including shallots, garlic, ginger, lengkuas, buah keras...the whole works.

    Btw, if you want to cook curry, just use A1 Mountain Globe curry paste - VERY nice...and better than Mak Nyonya...and so simple to use and cook curry. I posted on that sometime ago...

  2. STP: Don't laugh so hard lah. I go marketing but never buy this ingredient before mah. My mother also never teach me.
    A1 Mountain Globe? Hmmm... must go look for it.

  3. first time i see people selling raw ingredients like this. Here we either cap ourselves and then tumbuk, or straight away use the A1 brand curry paste. A1 is really good now.

  4. Thanks Chinnee. Will give that a try too. Usually wet market will have this raw ingredients (I think). This one was from an Indian guy.


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