Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Is 21 Months

 Okay, I've not been very diligent with babyK's updates. I've been missing some months here and there. Can't believe in a few months time we'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday.
Well, here are some of her latest tricks and adventures:

  •  See the picture above... Do you see something funny?
    Yup, she's got on 2 different types of socks. Every night, she will head over to our socks bin, grab a pair of socks (doesn't matter if they don't match) and then sit down and practice wearing them herself. She will take them off, put them on, take them off, put them on.... For some reason, it is easier for her to put the sock on her right foot but not the left foot. So sometimes, she'll put on 2 socks on the right foot. 
  • She's showing signs of independence. She wants to put on her pants herself. She gets it right 50% of the time. The other 50% you'll see 2 legs in 1 leg hole.
  • Loves to get piggyback rides. She's got 2 very willing "horsies" - K1 and D1. 
  • Very quick to respond when you ask her to come bathe. She will immediately walk to the bathroom and take off her pants. She will sometimes grab D2's hand and ask him to go bathe too. AND she will diligently make sure the dirty clothes on the floor is deposited into the laundry basket. 
  • Has learned how to scold (just like mommy). She will wag her finger at you and go "ji ji ji ji ji". 
  • If she falls down, she will beat the floor. If she bumps into the chair, she will beat the chair. It's never her fault you know.
  • I have to feed her in the living room. If she sits on the table with us, she will be busy trying to scoop this and that from the vegetable and meat dishes, even after we've already put everything on her plate. If I feed her in the living room, she will sit nicely and let me feed her. 
  • When she wants to breastfeed, she will ask for "this". I think it is going to be very difficult to wean this little baby. When we tell her that she'll have to say goodbye to "nen-nen" in 3 months time, she starts crying. 
  • She's becoming a little bit more friendly. She will wave her hand and say "awo" to people she meets.
  • Lurvvvvves ice cream.
  • Some words she can say: "babbit" (rabbit), "wek" (wet), "ter" (water), "sit", "walk-walk".
  • Still prefers to pee like a boy.
  • Almost toilet trained. She still have accidents but it is getting less and less.
  • Can drink from a cup without spilling.
  • Loves to drink soup.
  • Likes to bully D2. Poor guy has had so many scratches to his face.
  • Will feel jealous when the other siblings sit on my lap. She will come push them down so she can sit on my lap.
  • She knows D2 likes people to rub his stomach when he wants to sleep. So she will go rub his stomach for him.
  • If any of her siblings is crying, she will try to comfort them.
She's a cheeky little thing but she brings joy to the home. We love ya babyK.


  1. So pretty, your girl. Some kids will go on till way over two years old...even when all dried up already! Good luck!!! LOL!!!

  2. STP: Thanks for the compliments. My 2nd boy did go on after 2 years. But he was quite easy to wean. Every time he asked for nen-nen, I would substitute with something else like singing to him or rubbing his stomach. But this girl, she reject all my substitute. I will need all the luck I can get.


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